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Drive Tones!! :-)

Today I’m going to talk about a problem in electrical vehicles : the sound. This post is a response to an interesting comment of my reader ūüôā ¬†In fact these car are completely silent.¬†It is a problem for pedestrians and for blind people. For example¬†the day of the launch of¬†Autolib a woman was injured at the hip¬†after being hit by a Blue car when she was crossing the road. She¬†says that she didn’t hear the car coming.

To avoid these kind of accident most of cars manufacturer are thinking about adding an artificial sound in electric cars. They are working on adding a sound like a thermic motor when the car arrives in an area where there are a lot of pedestrians. They are also working on a new sound more ecologic to be consistent with the ecologic drive.

Funnier¬†some manufacturer are speaking about downloading our personnal car sound like a ring tone in your moblie phone! Maybe in future days we will see cars with the sound of a spaceship or sound of an animal or a little car with the sound of a big motor! I think it will be funny but I don’t know if it is really safe. What do you think about that?


A big sucess!!

Today my post will be about the sucess of Autolib! In fact 2 weeks after the launch of “Blue cars”¬†¬†by the CEO Vincent Bollor√©, they can count 6000 subscribers!!! there¬†are twice more subscribers than they were expected!

Bolloré invests 100 million euros, and will add 80 million per year, for a total investment, including the development of batteries , 1.5 billion euros. He hope to reach the balance in 7 years and hoping to run 80 000 subscribers. I think they are in a good way to reach this goal.

In my post I add an internet link where you can hear  the  interview made the 17th december 2011 of Vincent Bolloré in the French radio France Info where he talks about his impression after the launch of the project Autolib :

¬†¬†I’m sorry this interview is in French ūüėČ

If you want to give your impression about this interview or about new information about Autolib don’t hesitate to leave a comment on my blog!!!

Autolib and mobile phone!!

First I want to wish you an Happy New Year!!!

My new post is going to give you a good information about Autolib. If you often go to Paris today you can see Autolib station in different places! There is a phone application,¬† this application¬†will be¬†available soon for andro√Įd users ūüėČ

This application can, like velib application, show a map where you can find the autolib stations around you. You can memorize your favourite station if you go often at this one. You can also manage your subscription directly on your phone.


Today you can’t do more with this application I think it can be improved for example give the possibility to warn if there is a problem in a car to the other users of autolib, or find a parking place near the car… Do you have some ideas to complete this application?


In my last post a talk¬† in one sentence¬†about a revolutionary concept developped in Paris called Autolib! This is the same concept of Velib but with electric cars. This system is environmental friendly, in fact¬†with autolib¬†the goal is to reduce¬†the CO2 emission about -20% until 2020. With this system people didn’t need to buy a car or an electrical¬†car because of the price, they can rent it by a subscription.¬†

All what you need to know about Autolib is in this website in French and in English.

  In my opinion this is a good way to reduce the traffic of a city and reduce polluant gas emissions. I hope Autolib will be installed in all the world.

Autolib advertisment


Today I’m going to compare two companies which are linked to electrical vehicles. The first company I chose is of course Renault because I’m working for Renault.¬† This company is very engaged in the electric vehicle and offers a wide range of vehicles:¬† the Twizy, Zo√©, the Fluence or the Kangoo¬†all these vehicles are going to be commercialized between the end of 2011 and the end of 2012. Twizy will be also used in Autolib system.

The second company I chose is PSA. This company is also engaged in sustainable development and the invest 3.5 billion euros in research and development. ¬†¬†PSA are more focused on hybrid technology with a new architecture called HYbrid4 used in the Peugeot Prologue and the Citro√ęn Hypnos, they also lunch one electrical vehicle the V√©lV during 2011.


If you want more information about this two company you can go on this website for Renault :

and on this website for PSA :

Interesting Website!

I think that the better way to understand a topic is to see a real example, a way to illustrate what we are saying or why it is a good idea. This is why¬†I found this website really interesting.¬†In this website we can¬†read the advantages of the Electrical vehicles thanks to key figures! I found¬†it concise clear and well explained. In fact the different categories¬†; “energy efficient, environmentally friendly, performance benefits, reduce energy dependence, driving range, recharge time, battery cost and bulk & weight” ; are the most important information in electric cars we need to know!¬†

There are also some videos of  electric vehicles from different automobile designer. In my opinion this is a good idea because we can saw and compare different technologies and different performances.

In the others menues we can find a table where there are the specifications of cars and how much money we can save if we use electrical cars or trucks.

To conclude this website can list and illustrate the main information about electrical vehicles. I think it is a good introduction to this subject before searching more technical details

Welcome to my blog !

In this blog you are going to find information about electrical vehicles. I will talk about¬†the¬†differences¬†between hybrid motors and electrical¬†motors, environmental goals,¬† the¬†new system¬†called “autolib”, innovations…

¬†I chose to talk about electrical vehicles because I’m working in Renault and the electrical vehicle is a really important subject in this company. Moreover I think electrical¬†vehicles¬†will have a big impact in our life in few years.